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SMS Messaging, an Effective Salon Marketing Strategy

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How do you make your salon stand out among all the other salons? An effective salon marketing strategy is SMS messaging.

SMS messaging is one of the many advertising techniques used in mobile marketing. This is the most basic yet most effective method among the other techniques. With SMS messaging, you can be sure that your text advertisement is received by your customers as most mobile phones have this service. You can also use MMS advertisements or come up with mobile game banner ads but this won’t be as effective as SMS messaging because not all phones carry the features needed to view MMS messages or play mobile games. Text messaging is the perfect tool if you’re on a tight budget for a marketing campaign.

A mobile campaign works in many ways. It creates an open communication between customers and business owners. As a salon owner, customers’ comments and suggestions are very important. With mobile marketing, customers can conveniently send their comments and suggestions to you.

You have control of the kind of messages you send to your customers. In any kind of business, timing is very important. You can easily send significant promos like a Thanksgiving make-over rate, Halloween make-up rate or Pre-Christmas Hair cut promo on days that they matter. This way, your clients are always informed of what you have available in your salon. They won’t have to look at other salons for prices because you are already offering them a great deal. A single text message can go a long way. A customer can conveniently send your advertisements to her friends who might be interested in the promos you have.

SMS messaging is an effective salon marketing strategy


Written by Casey McConnell

October 13, 2010 at 11:25 am

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