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Archive for October 17th, 2010

Texting Tops Talking Among Teens

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Texting is now the primary reason that teenage boys and girls purchase mobile phones, and they’re sending and receiving messages in record numbers, according to a new study released earlier this week by The Nielsen Company.

“If it seems like American teens are texting all the time, it’s probably because on average they’re sending or receiving 3,339 texts a month,” the New York-based marketing and research firm said in a statement accompanying the findings of a study of monthly mobile phone bills. “That’s more than six per every hour they’re awake–an 8 percent jump from last year.”

In their study, researchers with Nielsen looked at the phone bills of over 60,000 mobile service subscribers in the United States, as well as surveys from more than 3,000 teenage cell phone users. They discovered that teenage males send and receive an average of 2,539 texts each month, while teenage females send and receive an average of 4,050 messages monthly. In a distant second place are 18-24 year old users, who exchange 1,630 texts per month, or half as many per hour as teens.

In contrast, use of traditional, person-to-person calling services has decreased 14% among teenagers when compared to last year. The average teen only talks 646 minutes on the phone each month–less than any other group than adults over the age of 55. According to Nielsen, 22% of those who said they preferred text messages over phone calls said it was because it was easier, while 20% noted that sending texts was faster than using voice services.

Text messaging has also surpassed safety as the primary reason that teenagers purchase mobile phones in the first place, according to Nielsen. Of those who responded to the research firm’s survey, 43% listed texting as their top reason for purchasing a cell phone. Meanwhile, safety, which was tops in 2008, has fallen to second place, with only 35% of 2010 recipients listing it as the most important reason to one of the devices. Keeping in touch with friends finished third (34%), with keeping in contact with family (26%) and always being available (22%) rounding out the top five.

Source: RedOrbit Staff & Wire Reports


Written by Casey McConnell

October 17, 2010 at 1:36 pm