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Text Marketing, an Efficient Marketing Medium

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Marketing is very essential to any business because this is what drives the business to success. A business should aim for high sales and many customers. You need to create effective ads to increase customers. An advertising campaign can be a burden on your budget. If you can’t afford an expensive advertising campaign, you can try text marketing for your business. Text marketing is one way to improve sales and increase your customers without spending a fortune.

Text marketing is an opt-in service where customers subscribe to your marketing program. This method has many advantages compared with other marketing methods. For instance, using email for marketing is cost effective but has a slim chance in increasing your customers. Why? Email providers often filter out spam. There is a big chance that your message will be flagged as one. Your message can be flagged as spam, especially if it contains the words sale, save now or buy. It will just be buried and forgotten with all the other spam messages received by your customer. Your special offers or discounts can just expire without being noticed.

Text marketing cancels out this problem because your customers subscribed to your marketing program. Customers receive relevant information anytime. Even if their mobile phones are off, they can still receive it at a later time. With Text marketing, your advertising campaign has a tendency to spread outside your subscribers. Your customers can forward your ads to their friends who might be interested with what you are offering. This can significantly increase your sales without you spending more for advertisement.

Text marketing costs less than traditional marketing. You can take advantage of this new marketing medium to boost your company’s sales and increase your customer population. If you are interested in mobile marketing or know a business that might benefit from it please click here to learn more about Text Marketing


Written by Casey McConnell

October 13, 2010 at 11:21 am

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