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Recession Fuels High-Tech Conversion

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Think your business is communicating fine without a mobile presence? Think again.

For the first time ever, the number of cell phone only households outnumbered landline users. A Center for Disease Control report released May 6, 2009 found that cell phone only households increased 3% over the first six months of 2008, the largest increase since data collection began in 2003. Other findings include households with no cell phones was only 17%. Compare these numbers with the 2003 stats of cell phone only households at 3% and the number of households with purely landlines at 43%.

The report findings included the fact that 15% have both cell phones and landlines, but these were mostly because they receive their internet connection via their landline. This means that one in three households are exclusively reachable via their cellphones.

Couple this report with the decline of readership within the  newspaper industry and you can begin to see that the best way to reach prople today is by cell phone and Social Networking websites.

There is an answer, however.  Qittle can provide your business with the tools to easily reach your core audience through permission based text messaging and social networking.

For information, contact Matt Fraser at 828.545.9744 or matt@qittle.com.

Recession Fuels High-Tech Conversion


Businesses to Use SMS for the Hearing Impaired

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Many businesses in today’s world deal directly with the deaf and hearing impaired. While technology has recently begun to aid in this demographics specific needs, SMS messaging is still the current solution for communication. There are drawbacks to SMS messaging technology such as a the availability of talk plans that just offer texting, limitations to the length of messages, and a lack of true emotion. Text messaging however has mobilized the world of deaf and hearing impaired persons.

With this in mind, it is easy to see why any business would want to incorporate a SMS messaging device for communication with their customers.  Appointment times, updates, and confirmations could all easily be sent via SMS to existing customers.  Marketing materials could all incorporate a text call to action to help build a new client database and send out coupons.   In all cases, the hearing impaired can effectively communicate with a business using the most effective tool available to them- SMS.

Businesses to use SMS for the Hearing Impaired

Written by mattfraser

April 29, 2009 at 5:26 pm

Gym Mobile Marketing Presence

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These days, it is harder to get information to people due to the vast amounts of spam filters guarding email accounts. Even email that people want doesn’t seem to make it to most accounts. In fact, about 2% of marketing email is being opened. Add to this our propensity to always be on the move throughout our day, and it is easy to see the need to get information to customers cell phones.

Anyone that has shown up for a regular scheduled spin class or yoga session knows the feeling of discontent when they find out it has been canceled after they arrrive. “If only I had been notified BEFORE driving all the way here…” Mobile is the answer.

Permission-Based Text Messaging is rapidly becoming the communication device of choice for businesses and people alike. In addition to sending out vital information as mentioned above, texting is becoming the marketing tool of choice as well. Gyms can simply and easily fill up dead times throughout your weekly schedule. For example, do you have a class that isn’t quite as full as you like? Send out a text to you members offering a “VIP Special” for that time slot. Maybe run another special to members for “Bring a Friend Week”. Your options are unlimited.

SMS texting is also a two-way communication device. Fitness instructors sometimes need to know how many people will be showing up to class. Students can RSVP to a class confirmation text message.

Finally, texting offers the most bang for your buck . For just pennies per text, gyms can easily incorporate a texting service into their membership prices, and their clients will gladly pay for and appreciate the communicability!

For more information about Club Mobile, give Matt Fraser at Qittle a call at 828.545.9744 or email at matt@qittle.com.

Written by mattfraser

April 23, 2009 at 4:33 pm

Qittle Your Waist

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With summer fast approaching (except in Colorado!), everyone is thinking about their bikini bod, or lack thereof, and getting back to those long forgotten New Year’s resolutions. For gyms, health clubs and spas, a timely text reminder might be just the nudge to get members and guests alike through the doors. And regular SMS reminders will help to keep them on track with a new program! For more information on text message marketing in the health club and spa industry and how Qittle can help, click here:  Health Club Text Marketing and Spa Text Marketing .

Written by courtneyalexasmith

April 17, 2009 at 9:01 pm

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The Top 5 Reasons for having a mobile marketing presence

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So, you have been thinking about doing something with mobile (SMS,MMS, .MOBI) but you are still on the fence as to whether you should or not. Here are the 5 most compelling reasons you should be doing something mobile.

1. There are 4.1 Billion cell phone users in the world. This is an amazing audience.

2. The SmartPhone has replaced the computer, and has become the basis for most communication and interaction. Most households have forgone a land line from the local telephone company because they have no need for it.

3. We have become a society of instant gratification. The cellphone has become the conductor for this overwhelming need. If you want to, you can use your web enabled cell phone to find a public restroom. How cool is that?

4. A marketing email will get opened less than 2% of the time while a marketing text message gets opened more than 92% of the time. I know, email used to have the same stats when it first came on the scene. And, mobile may go this same way, but for now it’s a power house for marketing. And at the time of this post, I have yet to find a single person who will not read a text message. I don’t know where the other 8% are.

5. At this time, mobile marketing is relatively inexpensive. For example, if you want to send out a text message to loyal customers who have opted to receive your marketing campaign, you can send 100 people 4 messages a month for about $500.00. With this you get the ability to create reports, track dead numbers and see your opened stats. If this creates $50,000 in revenue for the year, your investment is only .01%! Can you think of a better marketing value? As far as I am concerned, there should be no reason for you not to go mobile. The world of mobile is gearing up to only get bigger and the carriers are in the process of developing their networks to handle the increase in traffic. Mobile is here.

Written by dansmobile

April 8, 2009 at 5:56 pm

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TV Guide Text Messages

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Ever want to know when your favorite TV show is on or what this weeks episode is all about? Well now a lot of your favorite shows have mobile updates that are sent right to your phone.

Do you want to learn how your TV station can use mobile marketing updates, click here to see how Qittle can help set this up

Written by Casey McConnell

December 13, 2008 at 1:41 pm

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Airport Text Messaging

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Are you like me and you time the very arrival of the person you’re picking up just so you don’t have to find a parking space at the Airport? Circling around the airport, burning up gas, killing time and getting a little impatient. Well now you don’t have to do that, get the flight info right on your cell phone and be on time from now on.
Here’s how it works:
  • Simply select your flight
  • Put in your cell phone number and the service will have text messages sent to your phone if there is a flight delay, cancellation, or gate change in real-time.
  • Optionally, send the same information to up to 4 other phone numbers to keep them updated about a particular flight.
  • Set up the mobile text flight alert service anytime – month’s ahead or minutes before you board the plane. Those who need to know will get real-time information about your flight while you are on board with your cell phone turned off. They will know if your flight has been delayed even before you do.
  • Your pick up will get your arrival details by text while you are in the air.
  • Everyone remain one step ahead and takes the guess work, stress, and endless waiting out of flying and picking up at the airport.

All airlines flying in and out of

North America are supported:

US Airways, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Air Canada, Delta Air Lines, Lufthansa, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, America West, Air France, British Airways, Northwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Olympic Airlines, Air Sahara, Airtran, Air Southwest, Egyptair, Trans Air, Virgin Atlantic Airways, El Al, Air New Zealand, SATA International, Saudia, KLM, United Eagle Airlines, JetBlue Airways, V-Bird, Aeroflot, Pakistan International Airlines, Royal Swazi National Airways, SWISS, Austrian, Penair, Jet Airways (India), bmi, ATA, Israir Airlines, Piedmont Airlines, LOT – Polish Airlines, Malaysia Airline, Midwest Airlines, Expressjet, USA 3000 Airlines, TAP-Air Portugal, Air India Express, Dau Air, East African Airlines, Jet Connection, Netjets Aviation

Written by Casey McConnell

December 13, 2008 at 1:25 pm

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