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Blue Mountain State Mobile Marketing Campaign

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Blue Mountain State Mobile Marketing Opt in

Spike TV’s show Blue Mountain State has a very cool mobile marketing campaign. The new season starts Oct 20th on Spike and they are running season 1 episodes leading up to the new season promoting their website and mobile campaign.

The above photo is their website which is mobilized and it strongly promotes their Text Marketing campaign, Text BMS to 44686

Blue Mountain State Mobile Marketing Text Message

The reply text message confirms you’ve joined the Goat and promotes a Bit.ly link to a special video with Thad.

The exclusive video found only through the mobile link. This is a very cool campaign with mobile only content that viewers will want to get and is a reason to Opt in. Blue Mountain State Mobile Marketing Campaign

Do you have a some cool ideas for a mobile marketing campaign? Contact the Qittle team and let us help make it a reality.

Click here to watch Thad do his thing, lifting weights, taking names and … I’m sure you can guess


Written by Casey McConnell

October 5, 2010 at 10:12 pm

Put Mobile on Your Christmas List

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A recent article in Mobile Commerce Daily highlights to retailers the importance of utilizing mobile marketing for 2010 the holiday season.  As the article states,   “For the first time there are more smartphones than desktop computers being sold, according to IDC. The desktop is dying and smartphones are the way of the future. More people are going to carry them around and that is a powerful opportunity for retailers.”

And this year, retailers may choose text messaging to communicate with customers and also now have the opportunity to expand creatively through multiple forms of mobile marketing such as downloadable applications, mobile web and mobile commerce.

According to Andrew Koven, president of ecommerce and customer experience at Steve Madden, New York, there is still time to set up a mobile site and strategy for the holidays.  “Decide what your business objectives are – store location, direct sales of products, presentation of special offers, how-to information for the holidays, and support the opportunity for consumers to engage with you in some way via mobile.

“Just get started,” he said.

To read more, click here:   http://www.mobilecommercedaily.com/why-retailers-need-to-be-mobile-for-the-2010-holidays/

To get started, contact Qittle(TM) at www.qittle.com

Mobile Event Marketing

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Mobile event marketing is a relatively new marketing approach which utilizes mobile phones to deliver the promotional item. For sellers, this is an easy and convenient way to send ads to many people at the same time.  The seller can rest assured that the majority of those in his contact database will receive and read the message and then purchase the product, avail themselves of the services being offered or buy tickets to a particular event advertised.

Mobile event marketing began via short message service (SMS) in the early 2000s. It was at this time that the guidelines to mobile marketing were created and imposed to ensure that spamming is kept to a minimum. As the mobile phone industry developed, so did mobile marketing. When multimedia message service (MMS) was created, ads were soon sent in image or video format. As, in theory, any color-screen mobile phone can show these MMS ads, it became easier to introduce an event or product to potential consumers.

In recent years, when the Internet technology began including cellular phones, mobile marketing soon included mobile web marketing. This time, ads were tailored to fit into web pages designed to be read and accessed through a mobile phone. Mobile advertising has never before been this high-tech.
Still, with all the advances in marketing, is mobile event marketing really important? Actually, yes! How else could you let the world – or at least your target customers – know about your products if you don’t tell them? A mobile event is just what you need to virtually put the show on the road.

Confused about how you can set up a mobile event without breaking the rules? Ask Qittle™ http://www.qittle.com.  You will find the mobile event marketing strategy that suits you and your business.


Written by Casey McConnell

March 19, 2010 at 2:46 pm


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Texting has become an indispensable medium of communication today. Many people simply cannot live without text messaging, and the convenience that it brings to our lives is incomparable. Most, if not all, think of their cell phone as an essential daily tool that they can never go out without, and its importance has become very apparent with the never-ending production of new cell phones that are popping onto the market today.

SMS, which stands for short messaging service, refers to the short text messages that are being exchanged through cell phones. Several years ago, this term covered only text messages but now it also includes messages that contain all sorts of media – from images, sounds, and videos. Now more commonly called as MMS, these messages are important tools of communication and provide people with easier and faster dissemination of information.

Texting today is not only used for personal communication purposes where one cell phone user can pass on a message in limited characters to another via a cell phone. Because of its prevalence and the huge number of people that it has access to, texting is now commonly used to distribute information such as news updates, promotional offers and other forms of marketing and information sharing. Businesses also use text messaging for practical business purposes such as confirming deliveries, instant communication between client and service provider and many more.

Texting has a number of uses that are starting to shape the world today. From carrying mission-critical information, to content delivery, donations and even entertainment uses (e.g. TV voting). It has become a powerful tool that is used by a variety of companies, charities and business organizations today.


Qittle™ helps businesses harvest the power of mobile everyday.  1.866.606.7151.


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Asheville Chamber members will be able to get a 60 day free trial

ASHEVILLE, NC. – February 15, 2010 – Mobile Marketing Company Qittle joins the Asheville, NC Chamber of Commerce and offers an introductory trial for all members.

Through the Asheville, NC Chamber’s Member-to-Member discount program, Chamber members can take advantage of a 60 day free trial and launch a mobile marketing campaign for their business using the Qittle mobile marketing software platform. Interested parties can visit the Membership Directory at www.ashevillechamber.org.

“We are very excited to become an Asheville Chamber member. Qittle has a unique offering for the Asheville community with many possibilities for both professional and non-profit organizations.” Matt Fraser, local Asheville Qittle Sale Representative.

Qittle is a paperless, low-cost, no-spam, easy-to-use mobile coupon and messaging software solution, which provides end users with SMS messages sent directly to their mobile phones—no printing and no clipping required.

Text Messages now outnumber mobile voice calls three to one, according to the Nielsen Company. Consumers are using their mobile devices more as a computer than a traditional cell phone. SMS (Short Message Solutions) or texting is the largest use on a cell phone today. This is also where brands and businesses have the best opportunity to engage their customers or potential customers. Nielsen reports “Monthly messages sent or received jumped to 584 a person in the quarter ending in September 2009, a 60 percent increase from a year earlier.” http://qittle.com


The Power of Text Message Marketing

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The Power of Text Message Marketing How often do you open emails that are clearly from marketers? If you are like most people such messages will either languish in your “Inbox” or be sent directly to the trash. Unlike these messages, however, text message marketing via SMS is actually viewed by roughly 97 percent of recipients. Additionally, most of these messages, around 83%, are viewed within an hour of receipt.

This is the power of the cell phone, which most people will check regularly, and which allows marketers to be almost certain that their messages are read. Of course, in order send the information you will need the contact number of the customer. This usually means having them registered through a specific channel that allows a legal use of text message marketing.

How can a business be sure that their text message marketing is legal? Usually most modern businesses will have to rely upon a distributor or mobile marketing company to send the volumes of messages they desire. These groups will be able to help their clients develop the long-term relationships that are required for suitable text message marketing efforts.

Long term? Yes, most of the most successful SMS marketing plans are with established customers. For instance, many retailers use text message marketing that rewards someone with a text message containing a coupon code for an in-store on online purchase rather than sending out a “blind” message offering a deal to an unknown consumer instead.

This brings us back to the opening of this discussion – the 83% of text message marketing that is read within an hour of receipt. This explains the true power of the format – its immediacy and directness. This way of communicating with clients expresses a specific message and is usually part of an overall plan rather than the entire issue itself. This is the reason that marketers recommend limiting this way of contacting clients to only a few messages per month, and only messages with action-oriented themes.

The Power of Text Message Marketing

Mobile Marketing Advertising

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Advertising is a way that businesses bring their product or service to the consumer. A company spends money on various types of advertising including television, radio, newspaper, magazines and direct mail. Qittle offers a fresh way for companies to spend their advertising dollars. With text message marketing, companies have the ability to track advertising by placing a call to action in the text. Each advertising outlet uses a different keyword and that way businesses know where their advertising is working and where it is not.

Text message marketing has also allowed companies to build an opt in database of interested consumers so that they can direct their advertising toward a more focused group of people. Businesses can create campaigns around different databases of consumers, depending on what product or service they are interested in. Instead of having a generic advertisement in a newspaper, text message marketing allows the business to create a specific cost-effective advertisement directed at a certain group of people. Not to mention, the open rate for text messages is closer to 95% while email has dropped down to 2%.

With the rising costs of other forms of advertising that can never really be tracked for effectiveness, the text message is the newest and most efficient way for businesses to advertise and the company that can bring that to you is Qittle.

Mobile Marketing Advertising