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Mobile Marketing is For You

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Mobile marketing is an effective campaign strategy you should use for your growing business. A mobile campaign has a lot to offer to your business. Not only is it affordable, it is also very easy to launch. Unlike other advertising methods which may take days or weeks to plan before you can launch the campaign, a mobile campaign is easy to plan.

Mobile marketing is for all types of businesses. It does not limit itself to big scale clients but also caters to small to medium sized companies. When looking for a marketing strategy, you have to find something that offers everything you need in an advertising campaign. With Mobile marketing, not only do you get great ad campaigns but you also have a great communication tool you can use to communicate with your clients. When building your business, it’s important to let your clients communicate with you, not only while they are in your establishment but also when they are not in your establishment. Having a good relationship with your clients is very important if you want your business to prosper. To have a good relationship, you need to have a 2-way communication, which is what you get from a mobile campaign.

With mobile marketing, you can easily send important business updates to your clients. If you are a restaurant owner, sending your daily specials to your subscribers will make clients come to your restaurant more than when you just post an attractive poster by your restaurant’s door. Clients can easily make dinner reservations and inquire about meal prices by texting you. With an open communication, your business will grow without you spending too much on numerous marketing campaigns.

If your business or a business of someone you know is ready for mobile marketing please check out Qittle Mobile Marketing


Written by Casey McConnell

October 20, 2010 at 10:33 am

Taco Bell Will you Marry me via text message?

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Taco Bell one of my favorite restaurant brands of all time! Now if only we could take them to another level, mobile via restaurant text message marketing. While driving home this past week I stopped into Taco Bell in Frisco and had lunch. I was handed a paper coupon for Taco Sunday.

What a perfect application for Text message marketing! If instead of handing us a paper coupon they asked us to text TACO to a short code, we’d then have this coupon on our phone for that Sunday offer. Taco Bells in Denver are working with the Colorado Rockies, Denver Nuggets and the Broncos and they are using mobile to remind us of their special when the teams score a certain amount of points.

So Taco Bell – Will you marry me via text message marketing and we can enjoy our Sunday Funday’s with Tacos?

Written by Casey McConnell

August 29, 2010 at 7:21 pm

Local Deals Direct to your Mobile Phone

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Mobile marketing company, Qittle(TM), has made it easy to save money in your own town and on the go.  With the population still coming to grips with the recession (trying to save pennies, picking up extra jobs), quick and easy coupons are a hot commodity.  

Qittle has created a program called “Local Deals”, whereby each person opting into the program will receive one text message per week (on Wednesdays) offering a deeply discounted product or service from a local business.  This quick and easy mobile coupon changes every week but remains relative to local businesses only.   Opting out is as easy as replying “STOP” to the same number.

Not only does the Local Deals program aide consumers, but benefits to the businesses include increased traffic, word of mouth advertising, up-sell opportunities upon redemption of the coupon and inexpensive marketing placement through Qittle.

At this time, Qittle has already put in place several Local Deals programs throughout US cities (Aspen, CO, Pasadena, CA, Wausau, WI, Asheville, NC) and plans to continue the program across the country. 

For more information, click here:  http://qittle.com/my_local_deals_business.html.

Put Mobile on Your Christmas List

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A recent article in Mobile Commerce Daily highlights to retailers the importance of utilizing mobile marketing for 2010 the holiday season.  As the article states,   “For the first time there are more smartphones than desktop computers being sold, according to IDC. The desktop is dying and smartphones are the way of the future. More people are going to carry them around and that is a powerful opportunity for retailers.”

And this year, retailers may choose text messaging to communicate with customers and also now have the opportunity to expand creatively through multiple forms of mobile marketing such as downloadable applications, mobile web and mobile commerce.

According to Andrew Koven, president of ecommerce and customer experience at Steve Madden, New York, there is still time to set up a mobile site and strategy for the holidays.  “Decide what your business objectives are – store location, direct sales of products, presentation of special offers, how-to information for the holidays, and support the opportunity for consumers to engage with you in some way via mobile.

“Just get started,” he said.

To read more, click here:   http://www.mobilecommercedaily.com/why-retailers-need-to-be-mobile-for-the-2010-holidays/

To get started, contact Qittle(TM) at www.qittle.com


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People can now get a Deal of the week on their Mobile Phone

ASPEN, COLO.July 14, 2010 – People in Fort Collins Colorado and surrounding communities can receive one weekly deal on their phone via text message for a local business by doing the following; Text FORTCOLLINS to 26469

Starting in August local businesses will be providing offers that can be redeemed at their location with a special coupon that is sent to people who have Opt in to receive these messages. People can opt in by sending a text message to 26469 with the word Fortcollins in the subject line.

People who opt in to receive these messages will receive one message from Qittle with an offer from one local business. Their information can not be shared or given to 3rd parties as they have Opt in to receive messages about Fort Collins Deals and other content is considered spam. Standard carrier rates may apply; there is no charge to receive these messages from Qittle.

Businesses have the opportunity to send a deal to people in their community who want to receive these offers on their mobile phone. It’s a targeted marketing campaign where a business knows exactly how many people will see their offer and they can track how many people walk into their business to redeem that offer. It’s a paid for performance mobile marketing model that is easy for small business owners to use.

There is an official Fort Collins Deals Facebook Fan page as well where people can like and see what deals are coming out that week as well. http://qittle.com/fort_collins_deals.html

Written by Casey McConnell

July 14, 2010 at 9:44 am

Fort Collins Local Deals

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Fort Collins Local Deals

We are launching local deals in Fort Collins Colorado in Aug. Text FORTCOLLINS to 26469 to receive local deals on your phone as a text message

Written by Casey McConnell

July 13, 2010 at 12:19 pm

Qittle Reseller program for Local Deals

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“Connecting Locals With Local Businesses”

Click here to learn more about Qittle Reseller program for Local Deals

Written by Casey McConnell

July 12, 2010 at 2:16 pm