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Text Messaging, Bringing Business To Customers

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Text messaging has made communicating with each other very convenient. Have you ever thought how many people own mobile phones?

Did you know that there are more people who have mobile phones than people who own television sets and computers? With the growing number of mobile phone users, it’s not surprising that companies are now getting into the mobile phone industry to advertise their businesses.

Using a mobile phone as an advertising tool is very effective. If people are always on the phone, then wouldn’t it be a wise idea to make your business available through this method? This isn’t just about having hotline number customers can call when they need information. This is about bringing your business to your customers through text messaging and making information instantly available for your busy clientele.

When planning for a mobile campaign, keep in mind that the simpler your message is the better. The secret to building brand awareness is to keep your message as simple as possible so that it is easy to remember. Also, consider the fact that most people don’t have time to read lengthy messages. An effective mobile campaign should reach as many people as possible. It’s great to make banner ads for a downloadable mobile game but remember that not everyone has a phone that is capable of downloading games. If you choose to make a banner ad for a mobile game, you are excluding your clients who don’t own a mobile phone that has this function. Text messaging is the simplest and most effective mobile campaign you can make. You can be sure most of your subscribers will receive your message because most mobile phones are capable of SMS messaging.

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Written by Casey McConnell

October 20, 2010 at 10:27 am

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