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The Future of Mobile Marketing

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Many Business owners are getting interested in mobile marketing. Why wouldn’t they be? Mobile marketing has a lot of potential in improving business sales.

Traditional marketing is costly and directed toward a general audience. Putting a billboard on a busy highway is not as effective as a mobile campaign in bringing new customers to your business. Why? Because only a small part of your target consumer group would see the ad. You need to have another ad campaign to reach the rest of your consumer population. Other marketing strategies like print ads or TV/Radio commercials are also more expensive and do not reach an audience as wide as a mobile campaign would.

With mobile marketing, you can send various messages anytime of the day to your customers. If they are too busy, they can read your messages at a later time. You can send relevant information that your customers want, whenever they want it. By sending relevant messages, your customers are given the opportunity to respond to your advertisements immediately. If a customer wants to take advantage of your special promo, they could immediately reply to your message. Media rich content is also a good way of catching your customer’s attention. Using MMS with pictures of your products, music and a short video clip can help make your ads more appealing and interesting. You can also use mobile marketing as a channel for customers to provide suggestions or feedback in order to improve customer experience.

Mobile marketing is cost-effective and efficient in delivering ads to customers. Does your business need a new marketing campaign? Click here to sign up for a free 30 day trial


Written by Casey McConnell

October 13, 2010 at 10:46 am

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