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Archive for October 13th, 2010

The Future of Mobile Marketing

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Many Business owners are getting interested in mobile marketing. Why wouldn’t they be? Mobile marketing has a lot of potential in improving business sales.

Traditional marketing is costly and directed toward a general audience. Putting a billboard on a busy highway is not as effective as a mobile campaign in bringing new customers to your business. Why? Because only a small part of your target consumer group would see the ad. You need to have another ad campaign to reach the rest of your consumer population. Other marketing strategies like print ads or TV/Radio commercials are also more expensive and do not reach an audience as wide as a mobile campaign would.

With mobile marketing, you can send various messages anytime of the day to your customers. If they are too busy, they can read your messages at a later time. You can send relevant information that your customers want, whenever they want it. By sending relevant messages, your customers are given the opportunity to respond to your advertisements immediately. If a customer wants to take advantage of your special promo, they could immediately reply to your message. Media rich content is also a good way of catching your customer’s attention. Using MMS with pictures of your products, music and a short video clip can help make your ads more appealing and interesting. You can also use mobile marketing as a channel for customers to provide suggestions or feedback in order to improve customer experience.

Mobile marketing is cost-effective and efficient in delivering ads to customers. Does your business need a new marketing campaign? Click here to sign up for a free 30 day trial


Written by Casey McConnell

October 13, 2010 at 10:46 am

A Mobile Marketing Campaign is Affordable Advertising

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Mobile marketing takes advantage of the mobile phone market in reaching out to your consumer group. Today, there are more mobile phone users than there are television, radio and computer owners.  This means that by targeting mobile phone users, you are reaching more people than a television or online ad can reach.

TV advertising, print ads and even online advertising can be very costly. If you have a small to medium sized business, you can’t afford to allocate a large amount of money for advertising alone, much less on an advertising that wouldn’t reach a wider audience and give you immediate and positive outcome in terms of sales and brand awareness. So why risk your money for an ad campaign that may not work? You don’t have to.

A mobile campaign is an affordable advertising technique that allows you to take control over the ads you send and the time you deliver your ads to your customers. By being able to control the information and the time you send your messages to your clients, you’d be able to make full use of your advertisements. Let’s take restaurant marketing as an example. In Restaurant marketing, it’s very important to inform your clients of your lunch and dinner specials on the time of the day that they need this information. In a mobile campaign, you can easily send your promotions off of your lunch and dinner menus to your clients during lunch and dinner hours. A mobile campaign makes restaurant marketing very easy especially for new restaurateurs.

Choose a marketing method that is effective and worth every dollar. Conventional advertising is great but why pay more when you can have a mobile campaign that is affordable and more effective than your traditional marketing campaign? Click here to learn more about mobile marketing campaigns

Written by Casey McConnell

October 13, 2010 at 10:42 am

Mobile Marketing is as Easy as 1-2-3

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Do you need an ad campaign for your business but can’t afford long days of planning, creating and re-planning your advertisement? Mobile marketing is as easy as 1-2-3. Gone are the days when you have to work long hours and days to make a single ad campaign perfect. Don’t waste your time on expensive conventional advertising.

In mobile marketing, you don’t need technical skills to set up an effective mobile campaign. In fact, you only need to remember 3 things when setting up a mobile campaign. First, remember to K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple and Short. Simplicity is always an appealing advertising concept. The more you keep it simple, the more your message is understood and remembered. Would a funny commercial jingle convert to increase sales? Of course, not. Second, send relevant messages. Mobile marketing is very appealing because you have the power to send timely messages to your consumers when you need to. If you own a restaurant, sending your lunch menu during lunch time or a few hours before that would help bring customers in your restaurant come lunch hour. Last but not the least, don’t forget to engage your customers to your business. Mobile marketing allows you to have a two-way communication with your consumer population. Take full advantage of it by letting them know they can send their comments, suggestions and inquiries to you anytime. Let them know their opinions count. By doing this, you are building a strong group of loyal customers that can help you bring in new customers to your business.

Mobile marketing is an advertising technique that is not only easy to set up, it is also easy to manage. Start your FREE 30 day trial today

Written by Casey McConnell

October 13, 2010 at 10:37 am

SMS Messaging, Keeping Your Business Lines Open

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Text marketing is getting popular because of the ease it gives business owners when it comes to managing their ads and staying in touch with their customers. SMS messaging is the fastest and most convenient method you can use to inform your customers of relevant business matters, promos and other details. It is also the easiest way for customers to get in touch with you when they want to make inquiries, give comments and suggestions.

One of the many advantages of mobile marketing is having open communication with your customers through SMS messaging. Imagine if you are still relying on survey forms you give random customers when handing them their bills. It is tiring and a complete waste of resources. With SMS messaging, you can easily send surveys and have your customers reply to your messages unhurriedly in their own time. You’ll have more honest responses by doing this instead of giving them paper questionnaires when they are about to leave your establishment.

Another great advantage of using SMS messaging as a marketing strategy is that you can control the messages you send to your customers. Let’s say you own a bar in a busy district. With plenty of other bars in the area, how do you bring more people in your establishment? By sending timely messages like a happy hour or an open mic night before office hours end, you are immediately giving people the idea of going to your place to check out your great promo or event.  Your text message invitation can easily be passed around to other people who may not have heard of your bar yet.

SMS messaging is an indispensable way of communication. Take advantage of this technology. If your business or a business of someone you know may benefit from mobile marketing please send them to here

Written by Casey McConnell

October 13, 2010 at 10:33 am

Versatility of SMS Messaging

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There are several ways you can advertise your products and services. Most companies use billboards, banners and ad listings. Increasing your customers doesn’t mean spending more on advertising. There are other methods you can consider to increase business profits without increasing business expenses. SMS messaging is a great way to advertise your products. It can also be used in other ways to maximize your company’s efficiency.

Mobile phones are a necessity today. This means you’ll be reaching a larger group of people as compared with using traditional marketing. SMS messaging has more advantages than traditional advertising. Let’s say you run a food business, you can send your ads before lunch to give your clients the option of going to your restaurant.  Your message is directly delivered to your customers. You can be sure that your message won’t be ignored because 90% of messages received are read. Also, your customers are able to immediately respond to your ad because your timing of sending a lunch menu is perfect. Unlike billboards which can easily be forgotten as people go about their busy schedules, a saved text message will always be there ready to be read and re-read anytime. Your customers can easily forward your message to a friend who might be interested in what you’re offering. Using SMS messaging as a way of getting customer feedback helps improve your services. With an open communication, customers get the feeling that their opinions matter to you and that you put great value on customer satisfaction. This will give you a lot of loyal customers. Therefore, SMS messaging is an important business tool you should have.

To learn more about the benefits of SMS messaging for your business click here

Written by Casey McConnell

October 13, 2010 at 10:29 am

Branding through a Mobile Campaign

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Branding is very important in any business. It is through branding that people remember your products and services. In fact, with a good advertising campaign and branding, people wouldn’t mind paying more for a certain product or service they can get at a lower price in another store. This is what branding does; it makes your business name stand out among your competitors.

Mobile marketing is the latest most effective advertising campaign businesses are using to increase sales and build brand awareness. If you already have an advertising campaign, adding a mobile campaign to your current marketing strategy will put your business at the forefront of the industry. Branding doesn’t need to be expensive. Mobile marketing is an affordable advertising technique you can use to start branding your business.

When starting on a mobile campaign, it’s important to have a vision for your company. A successful advertising campaign must have an end goal. What do you want to get out of your mobile campaign? How do you want people to see your business? These are just some of the questions you need to answer for your mobile campaign. Let your creativity flow. You need to be creative in forming attention-grabbing text or MMS messages for your advertisement. Make sure to have a uniform theme for all your advertisements. Say, you put up a billboard, printed brochures and now you’re making a mobile campaign, make sure that all these things follow a theme that would remind customers of your business. A theme can be anything from a catchy tag line or product colors. Whatever it is, you have to make sure that every advertising technique you use follows this theme.

Start branding your business through a mobile campaign today

Written by Casey McConnell

October 13, 2010 at 10:25 am

SMS Messaging for Restaurant Marketing

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How do you market a small to medium sized restaurant? Can you afford to go all out and spend thousands of dollars for a few seconds of TV or radio airtime? How much are you willing to pay for a billboard ad? Restaurant marketing is serious business to any restaurateur. If you are a restaurant owner, you know very well what effective restaurant marketing can do. There are numerous marketing strategies you can use to market your restaurant. One of these strategies is SMS messaging.

Yes, SMS messaging can be used to market your restaurant. It is an affordable and an effective way of bringing your business to your customers. Mobile advertising has been around for a long time but it is only recently that business owners have discovered how effective mobile campaigns are. The success and effectiveness of mobile marketing lie behind one simple fact: there are more mobile phone users than there are television, radio and computer owners. People always carry their phones with them wherever they go. You can be sure that your business promotions and other messages are received and given the attention they need. Unlike a billboard ad, a text message cannot be easily ignored or forgotten. People will read your message, save them for later reference and forward them to their friends so everyone can enjoy the promos your restaurant is offering.

SMS messaging is a good restaurant marketing tool, especially for small to medium sized restaurants like yours. There’s no need to spend huge amounts of money for an effective advertising campaign. SMS messaging is the most convenient and affordable restaurant marketing strategy you can use for your restaurant. Click here to learn more about Restaurant Marketing

SMS Messaging for Restaurant Marketing

Written by Casey McConnell

October 13, 2010 at 10:18 am