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How to Get Cell Phone Numbers for a SMS Marketing Campaign

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To run an effective SMS marketing campaign, you need to have a lot of people to text. You may have a listing of numbers but the problem usually is that it is not enough for you to send your message to many people and bring in the potential clients that you need. There are 3 ways to have access to a large database of numbers that will enable you to get in touch with more people and have a higher response rate.

Here are the 3 ways to get cell phone numbers for your SMS marketing campaign:

1. When people visit your establishment, you can provide them with a short form to get their contact details. To encourage them to sign up and give their cellphone number, give them an incentive in return like a discount, a chance to join a contest, or a company promotional giveaway.

2. If you have a website, aside from having an e-mail capture page, add in a way for you to get their mobile phone number and maybe have a check box where they can opt-in for promotional SMS messages. To make them give their numbers and agree, you might want to inform them of advantages of getting text messages such as finding out the date of a one-day sale, notifying them of your latest clearance sale, or to receive coupon codes.

3. Get access to a database of cell phone numbers. Databases of cell phone numbers exist of people who have signed up and given permission to receive SMS promotional messages. These databases are huge and will enable you to send text messages to a targeted market in a specific area.

A database for people who have subscribed to receive information on local deals can be accessed at Qittle.com. Qittle can help you text potential clients that reside in your area and beyond. How to get cell phone numbers for a SMS marketing campaign


Written by Casey McConnell

October 1, 2010 at 9:54 am

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