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Sex Matters in Text Marketing

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In a recent Harris Poll regarding mobile marketing, people were asked about opt-in text messages from marketers. While only 8 percent of those surveyed said they fit the extremely or very interested category in receiving text marketing messages on their cell phones, nearly one-third said that they would be somewhat interested.

On the whole, women were more interested in men in receiving messages from most of the retailers or service groups mentioned. This finding shouldn’t be all that surprising as women also tend to be the main consumers and decision makers, a trend long recognized by marketers.

From the “somewhat interested” group, certainly more women were interested than men (at 80 percent vs 56 percent) in receiving SMS messages regarding promotions and coupons from grocery stores. This in all likelihood goes directly to the fact that women tend to do the majority of the grocery shopping or send their spouses for groceries, list in hand.

The gap between gender preferences closed when it came to restaurant specials. Sixty-one percent of the women (just 6% more than men) said they would be interested in receiving text messages about promos from restaurants. The gap is nearly even when it comes to getting fast food deals by mobile marketing texts, coming in at 51% female to 48% male.

A slight spread reoccurs when looking at entertainment products. Women again lead the interest in receiving messages on deals and sales (at 62 percent), while men come in at 54 percent. It would be interesting to see how a question about getting notifications on electronic products would fare and, along with the answers, getting the ages of the respondents too.

Women were also more interested in hearing about specials on coffee and beverages, with 40% saying they’d opt-in. Men showed a lower rate of interest with 33 percent confirming interest.

Another even opt-in rate between the sexes is with respect to travel specials and promotions. In fact, men led slightly over women (36 to 35 percent) when expressing interest in receiving text messages from marketers for travel deals.

The poll goes to remind marketers how crucial it is to target every message: if you know the gender of your opt-in customers, and you know that grocery store text messages get the best response from women, you can act accordingly.

Sex Matters in Text Marketing


Written by stephao

September 10, 2010 at 8:20 am