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Text Marketing Advertisers Eye Adult Texters

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While teens in America still out-text adults on their cell phones by a very healthy margin, research shows that adult texters are beginning to catch up – and that’s good news for marketers embracing text marketing. In a CNN article citing a report by Pew Research Center, adults who use mobile phones have increased texting by 7 percent in one year alone, from 65 percent to 72 percent over the past twelve months.

By comparison, nearly 90 percent of teens send and receive SMS messages from their smart phones. They also send and receive a lot more messages than their adult counterparts: as many as 50 messages daily, back and forth, which is five times more than adult texters.

Still ten SMS messages a day, and rising, indicates that adults are becoming more comfortable with smart phone technology and its multitude of uses, and are starting to move beyond using cell phones simply as mobile telephones without cords. Certainly there is a segment of the adult population which has embraced mobile phones, using the technology with all its apps fully, but this specific research seemed to refer a more general segment of the population.

Unfortunately, no indication was given as to the age of those adults surveyed. Like any successful ad campaign, mobile marketing needs to be very specific as to the demographics it targets. Still, it’s a positive overall trend and one that marketers themselves can encourage by providing valuable content to every opt-in member.

Taking this information further, it might be useful for marketers to target adults through some of those texting teens. An example would be a kind of “tell mom and dad” approach. Let’s say the teen has opted in to a great little bistro that uses SMS marketing. That business owner could send a piggy-back message before Valentine’s Day: one for the teen (two meals for one deal) and one for an adult (tell Dad to text *** and he’ll get a special date night with mom!)


Written by stephao

September 3, 2010 at 9:35 am

Restaurant text campaign example Arby’s

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Arby’s text campaign is a good example of how simple a restaurant can launch a successful mobile marketing campaign. Walk into an Arby’s and you’ll see table tents with the program. You get a free Beef Cheedar sandwich when you text in. That’s a few dollars worth of value for people Opting into the campaign. Well worth the effort!

Things to take away from Arby’s

1. Promote the program in the store

2. A good offer for Opt in

3. Decide to do mobile and stick with it!

The number of mobile Opt in’s will increase over time, this is a graph of one of our more successful clients. They are offering a great Opt in reward and month over month their data base is growing.

Written by Casey McConnell

September 3, 2010 at 9:15 am