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Mobile Event Marketing

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Mobile event marketing is a relatively new marketing approach which utilizes mobile phones to deliver the promotional item. For sellers, this is an easy and convenient way to send ads to many people at the same time.  The seller can rest assured that the majority of those in his contact database will receive and read the message and then purchase the product, avail themselves of the services being offered or buy tickets to a particular event advertised.

Mobile event marketing began via short message service (SMS) in the early 2000s. It was at this time that the guidelines to mobile marketing were created and imposed to ensure that spamming is kept to a minimum. As the mobile phone industry developed, so did mobile marketing. When multimedia message service (MMS) was created, ads were soon sent in image or video format. As, in theory, any color-screen mobile phone can show these MMS ads, it became easier to introduce an event or product to potential consumers.

In recent years, when the Internet technology began including cellular phones, mobile marketing soon included mobile web marketing. This time, ads were tailored to fit into web pages designed to be read and accessed through a mobile phone. Mobile advertising has never before been this high-tech.
Still, with all the advances in marketing, is mobile event marketing really important? Actually, yes! How else could you let the world – or at least your target customers – know about your products if you don’t tell them? A mobile event is just what you need to virtually put the show on the road.

Confused about how you can set up a mobile event without breaking the rules? Ask Qittle™ http://www.qittle.com.  You will find the mobile event marketing strategy that suits you and your business.



Written by Casey McConnell

March 19, 2010 at 2:46 pm

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