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Qittle helps businesses create, customize and manage a mobile marketing initiative.

Business Marketing

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Business marketing, also known as business to business marketing, is how businesses partner with each other to offer one’s product or service to another business. Different from consumer marketing which markets a product or service to the masses, business marketing attempts to sell one’s product or service to another business to be used as a component of the business.

With the growth of technology, businesses are streamlining their marketing efforts and are looking outside the box in order to get their message to the masses. Qittle is employing business marketing to partner with companies who are using text messages to get the message across as well as track their marketing efforts. Businesses are looking beyond the traditional methods of marketing and, in order to stay competitive, are attempting to focus their marketing on target audiences. With Qittle, businesses can do just that by tracking specific keywords and what outlets of the media they came from.

Many businesses are partnering with Qittle in order to use its services to create an ideal business marketing plan.



Written by Casey McConnell

February 8, 2010 at 3:55 pm

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