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Qittle helps businesses create, customize and manage a mobile marketing initiative.

Mobile Marketing Advertising

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Advertising is a way that businesses bring their product or service to the consumer. A company spends money on various types of advertising including television, radio, newspaper, magazines and direct mail. Qittle offers a fresh way for companies to spend their advertising dollars. With text message marketing, companies have the ability to track advertising by placing a call to action in the text. Each advertising outlet uses a different keyword and that way businesses know where their advertising is working and where it is not.

Text message marketing has also allowed companies to build an opt in database of interested consumers so that they can direct their advertising toward a more focused group of people. Businesses can create campaigns around different databases of consumers, depending on what product or service they are interested in. Instead of having a generic advertisement in a newspaper, text message marketing allows the business to create a specific cost-effective advertisement directed at a certain group of people. Not to mention, the open rate for text messages is closer to 95% while email has dropped down to 2%.

With the rising costs of other forms of advertising that can never really be tracked for effectiveness, the text message is the newest and most efficient way for businesses to advertise and the company that can bring that to you is Qittle.

Mobile Marketing Advertising


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