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5 ways to use Mobile Marketing for Chamber of Commerce and Young Professional Organizations

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5 ways to use SMS to stay in contact with members

1. Opt in alerts about live events. Send a simple 160 character text message to members who have signed up for these alerts about today’s event with a phone number and url to purchase tickets.

2. Marketing opportunities at live events. We all love free stuff, so why not have everyone who shows up Text PRIZE to a shortcode for a chance to win. Y won’t have to deal with business cards and all that data entry.

3. Staff communications. Stay in touch with your team using SMS. Remind them of a staff meeting or luncheon.

4. Track your marketing spends. Newspaper Ads, Radio Spots and brochures can be tagged with a simple call to action specific for the medium. See how effective it is for your organization and make smarter buys in the future.

5. Prospecting. Stay in touch with folks who have showed an interest in your organization but didn’t move forward. If you can show them all the benefits of membership won’t they be more likely to join?

Mobile Marketing through SMS is a great communications tool for Chamber of Commerce and Young Professional organizations.


Written by Casey McConnell

January 23, 2010 at 2:54 pm

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