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Qittle Customers achieving enviable results with Mobile Marketing campaigns

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Examine the DNA of a successful mobile campaign. By noting the statistics of other businesses utilizing mobile technology, you can test the outcome of other campaigns in order to aid in implementing your own. What is the structure of their campaign? How is it put together? What results have they had? Will this type of campaign suit my business and my target audience?

For example, mobile coupons are quickly becoming a favorite of Qittle customers for their ease of creation and use, high rate of redemption and greener appeal when compared to print coupons. Printed coupons often end up in the trash, the bottom of a purse or never seen at all. In this age of environmental as well as financial crisis, why waste paper, money and human resources for something that may never be used?

The high redemption rate for mobile coupons is largely due to the fact that they are: (1) targeted to an audience who have already expressed an interest in your product or service; (2) direct and noticeable being sent to your customer’s mobile device; (3) remain a constant reminder in your customer’s hand; and (4) easy to redeem as minimal effort is required on the part of the customer.
Have a look at some of our own Qittle customers and how they are achieving enviable results with their first SMS campaigns: Click here to read it Qittle Customers achieving enviable results with Mobile Marketing campaigns

Written by Casey McConnell

January 12, 2010 at 12:49 pm

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