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Michele Reynolds joins the “Social Conversation” in Greeley Colorado

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Michele Reynolds is an entrepreneur who believes in sharing her success! As a former Fortune-100 Recruiter, she had the opportunity to work with businesses who were selling their companies as the best place to work. Some did a great job and others needed help. Michele was successful in not only helping companies but individuals position themselves to get the attention they needed to be hired.

Since leaving corporate America, Michele is helping busineses and entreprenuers apply these same priniciples both on and offline. Michele is the CEO of Accel365 – a national Virtual Assistant Network, Resume Writing Firm and an International Coach with SendOutCards. Communication is her playing field. Words and phrases are her equipment. Let Michele lead you to a championship season in whatever your business is.

Michele loves technology and coaches others on a variety of topics to include Social Networking classes for baby-boomers. Visit her site at www.accel365.com

Click here to learn more about the Greeley Mobile Marketing event at the UNC Business School

Hosted by Qittle Mobile Marketing Solutions


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