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Lori Gama joins the “Social Conversation” in Greeley Colorado

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Lori Gama’s 14 years as a Web Strategist has enabled her to help thousands of people connect with their communities. Lori is a website producer and SEO expert who has a 100% top Google listing record for all of her clients.  She’s also a Social Media Trainer, Consultant and Speaker, who has been singled out in the blogosphere, Twitter and Facebook as one of the top people to turn to for Social Media marketing and for Hispanic Social Media Marketing. She has a large, loyal community of followers, friends and associates in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, of both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking people. She is regarded as one of the top “Hispanic-fluentials” in Social Networks around the world. Her consultant work with Fortune 500 companies, entreprenuers and non-profits, typically results in a significant increase in website traffic; referrals and new customers. Lori is an in-demand speaker at Social Media conferences across the country, including the recent Washington, D.C.: Latinos In Social Media conference in December, 2009.

Lori was born and raised in the East Bay in northern California. Lori’s bi-cultural upbringing, technology and communications expertise and Social Marketing expertise have positioned her to be a unique Social Media Consultant who uses the latest technology and Social Marketing methods to achieve a high success rate of revenue growth for her clients.


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