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Text Messaging Case Study Upscale Bar/Pub

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The Problem: A swanky, up-scale Bar in the middle of a downtown business district was already utilizing Social-Media Marketing through FaceBook and often used Grassroots efforts to attract new business.  The Bar was looking for a way to integrate an additional marketing effort that would allow them to encourage customers to come back more often, especially during historically slow periods and to encourage them to arrive earlier for events the Bar held on a regular basis.

The Solution: Brandt & Sons™ suggested the Bar owners implement a Permission-Based Mobile Marketing Campaign that would send text messages including news, specials, promotions, event updates and coupons directly to the patron’s mobile phone.  Patrons would be encouraged to register for two different mobile groups; one would supply only Happy Hour information while the other supplied all additional information from the Bar.  The idea was to grow the campaign by encouraging patrons to register through the current Social-Media, Grassroots, Web and small print efforts the Bar was using.

The Results: Almost a week after launching and integrating the Mobile Campaign the Bar totaled a combined 88 registrations.  These 88 registrations were from people that approved the Bar to reach them personally on their mobile phones.  During the first Happy Hour promotion almost 16% of registrants arrived at the Bar with the text message in-hand and many were still at the Bar even when Happy Hour ended.

From Brandt & Sons click here to go to their site

We help businesses in any industry:

  • Look outside the traditional marketing efforts
  • Find new avenues for retaining and growing their customer base
  • Win new customers
  • Create successful integrated marketing campaigns for new product/service launches
  • Maximize media spending
  • Understand overlooked and underutilized marketing mediums
  • Create additional revenue streams
  • Save time and money

We implement marketing and advertising solutions for businesses of all industries which engages and connects with consumers on a personal level to inform, educate and provide current and relevant information.

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Written by Casey McConnell

March 2, 2009 at 9:59 pm

Posted in mobile, new media, Qittle, SMS, Text

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