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4 billion mobile phone subscriptions on the planet

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Newspapers total circulation for all daily newspapers worldwide is about 480 milllion.

There are about 800 million cars on the planet.

Cable and satellite TV subscriptions? About 850 million.

Personal computers including desktops, laptops and netbooks, about 1 billion.

Fixed landline telephone connections, about 1.2 billion.

eMail users about 1.3 billion.

Internet users about 1.4 billion.

Television sets about 1.5 billion.

And credit cards? About 1.7 billion people carry at least one credit card in their wallet.

But there are 4 billion mobile phone subscriptions as of January 2009. More than twice the number of credit card owners, 2.5 times the number of TV sets or internet uses, approx 3 times the number of email users of total landline phones and yes, four times the number of personal computers.

Of the established base of phones, over 99% can receive basic SMS text messages, or their equivalents, depending on country and technology.

As to its reach, simple and short text-based content such as breaking news, a joke-of-the-day or a religious message can be sent via basic SMS text message, and reach pockets of over 3.9 billion subscribers. Yes, that is three times the total reach of email!

If the brand wants to “engage” with that audience, as SMS is used actively by 76% of all subscribers or 3.1 billion of the subscribers (TomiAhonen Consulting 2009), that is the potential response for any media campaign. In 2008 Jupiter Research reported that 1.5 billion people would receive at least one advertising message on their phones, which is more than all television sets that receive advertising on the planet and obviously more than all PCs or internet users worldwide.

4 billion mobile phone subscriptions on the planet, covering 60% of the population. 3.4 billion actual phones in use and connected. 3 billion unique phone owners. 3 billion active users of SMS text messaging.

Mobile is now!


Written by Casey McConnell

February 27, 2009 at 10:38 pm

Posted in mobile, new media, Qittle, SMS, Text

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