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Ever see a really cool competition in a magazine you’re reading.. maybe one that offers a full state-of-the-art, brand new set-up of all the snowboard gear you could possibly need this winter to shred with the big dawgs, or a ridiculously good-looking wardrobe from your favorite fashion house, or how about an all-expense paid trip to laze around the turqoise waters of the Maldives?  Easy, right?  All you have to do is rip out that page, keep up with it all day in your junk-filled backpack, remember that it’s in there later, then un -crinkle it as soon as you get to an internet-connected computer hoping that the mustard from your leftover sandwich hasn’t faded the ink, and finally log onto that site and enter to win.  OR, keep that page with you long enough to find an envelope, correct postage stamp and a mailbox in this day and age of email, SMS and scanning.  Yeeaaaa.  Not gonna happen.  Most likely you come across it 6 months later as you are moving.

But what if.. as you were reading that magazine and dreaming of sharing the prize with your main crush, there was a simple keyword that you could text into a short number and be entered automatically??!!   Or if after texting the keyword, the link to the website appeared immediately right there on your phone?  Most likely you can click on that link and enter the comp directly from your phone… or at least you will surely have your phone with you the next time you’re surfing the net and can easily recall the message on your phone so that you can go enter straight away.  Boom!  You’re on your way to the X Games podium, fashionista fame or chillout paradise.  Not to mention you’ll be hooked on that magazine for more easy-to-win shwag.

Qittle makes it happen!  Look for text-in opportunities in your favorite magazine..and leave the pages for recycling!


Written by courtneyalexasmith

November 7, 2008 at 1:12 am

Posted in Qittle, SMS, Text

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