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Qittle helps businesses create, customize and manage a mobile marketing initiative.

Text Marketing for Real Estate

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Qittle can help the average real estate listing go from ordinary to extraordinary! Mobile devices have connected the world in the 21st century and Qittle’s SMS solutions will bring your business to the world with the touch of a button. It’s easy to use, customer friendly, affordable and the real solution for real estate today. With Qittle’s text message solutions, your business can create its own keyword in order to track anyone who even shows the slightest interest in your listing.

Imagine: A passerby sees a house for sale and wants more information on the listing. The passerby texts in the keyword and within seconds is given square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, listing price and even a link with pictures. The agent or broker then has that person’s phone number and can follow up.

Get this text messaging service today for your real estate business– with Qittle! The possibilities are endless—your business can cater the text message to each listing and track interest in your listings. Try our free trial period of 30 days and 100 texts with no obligation. Experience what Qittle can do for you in today’s very competitive real estate market and follow up easily to have the advantage over clients in the market for a new home!

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Written by Casey McConnell

November 3, 2008 at 10:43 pm

Posted in Qittle, SMS, Text

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