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What an amazing human being. Leah Potts, 32, of Aspen, Colorado is a recovering incomplete quadriplegic. Quadriplegia refers to the paralysis of all four limbs — both arms and both legs, as from a high spinal cord accident.  Incomplete refers to Leah’s success in defying complete paralysis, as she has regained some use of her limbs.  Prior to moving to Colorado to pursue her love of the mountains and an active outdoor lifestyle and a career in graphic design, Leah grew up in the Midwest.

On February 13, 1999 Leah’s life changed forever.  While skiing at Eldora Mountain outside of Boulder, Colorado, Leah was taking her second warm-up run of the day when she ran into a tree and broke her neck.  Within an instant, Potts’s life changed forever, paralyzing her from her chest down.  After her initial surgery, she was taken to Craig Rehabilitation Hospital where she was told that she would never walk again.  Specifically Leah sustained a C-5 burst fracture and a ½” bruise on the left side of her spinal cord.  After being told she would never walk again, she was determined to prove her doctors wrong.  With a small amount of luck and a lot of sweat and tears; support from her community, friends and family, today Leah walks with the assistance of only a cane.

Leah is in a constant state of raising funds for her treatments. She has a great website and our local papers really support her getting her message out there. Now Leah is going to incorporate Qittle in that effort as well. With the production of a commercial that she can place on Youtube, her website and blog she’ll be able to build her data base up with Text Messaging. Text Stemcell to 32075 if you would like to join in her journey to recovery. Individuals will be able to get her updates right on their phone. Leah will be leaving for India in 18 days and it’s an amazing story. Now we’ll all be able to stay in loop with her progress. Here is a great photo of Leah and I today at our shoot.

Leah Potts and Casey McConnell

Leah Potts and Casey McConnell


Written by Casey McConnell

October 6, 2008 at 12:58 am

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