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How do you “Test” your marketing efforts?

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As the Marketing Director at the Aspen Club and Spa I found it very hard to determine how our efforts were paying off. This can be very frustrating when you’re asked the question, so what is that ad in that magazine doing for us? Well, I’m not sure as I wasn’t sure about most of our off line efforts, like newspapers, radio, t.v, magazines, brochures, flyers and etc.

The minute I was introduced to Text (SMS) marketing I saw a tool to measure the effects of these other marketing mediums. By adding some sort of call to action with in these ads and have it driven to your text campaign you would then have an automated tracking system where you could begin to measure the results. Here is an example… “Save 50% on your visit to Garnish Cafe the next time you come in for breakfast or lunch by Texting aspenclub to 32075″ Now you would code this for each medium with a different sub domain.. aspenclub1 (newspaper x) aspenclub2 (newspaper y) aspenclub3 (radio) and so forth. The offer is the same for all of them and it’s a pretty good offer as well. You want results, so be aggressive in your offer because it’s going to save you money once you have some answers.

I would let this run for 60-90 days at which point I would start to look at the results. The numbers aren’t going to lie. If radio is pushing traffic but t.v is weak pull back on t.v and pocket the savings or put it into more radio ads.

Just like email, once you have built up a targeted text database who wants to get your messages this will be your most effect marketing tool. Even more effect than email. The Industry average open rate for email is currently sitting around 2%. Text right now is seeing between 90% – 95% open rate. Think about that for a second. You send an email to 100 people and the odds say 2 people will actually take the time to read that email. Send that same message via text and 90 – 95 people will open that message! That’s a huge difference.

Just remember, you once had to start with email marketing and most likely didn’t have an email database or a very small one. The same will be true for text, it’s going to take time to build but the sooner you start the sooner you be having results.


Written by Casey McConnell

September 29, 2008 at 10:36 am

Posted in Qittle, SMS, Text

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