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Managing High Energy Costs

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High energy costs continue to be a challenge facing many agricultural processing plants in Minnesota. For the biofuels industry, higher input costs are also squeezing margins. Biomass from our fields and forests, along with co-products from our agricultural processing and bioenergy plants, have the potential to provide a lower-cost alternative to petroleum-based fuels. This forum was designed to help participants to learn together how to manage higher energy costs.

The Renewable Energy landscape is changing rapidly — new developments, new technologies, new players, new economics, new energy sources, new tax credits and carbon programs.

This forum was developed to follow up on the very successful conference held in May, 2006. It targeted large users of energy in the agricultural processing and bioenergy arena. Topics covered included: Where and how might biomass fit into your plant operation? How do lower-cost fuels and new energy-saving technologies fit in? Is there a way to take advantage of the recent changes in the tax code and various state requirements?

Click on the links below for the presentations (in PDF format)


Cellulosic Ethanol – Doug Tiffany

Biomass Gasification – Dr. Lanny Schmidt

Methanol How and Why – Cecil Massie

Woodland Custom, Inc. – Eric Woodland

Rural Energy Marketing Gasifier – Loren Forrest

Keith Air Dryer – Lyle Olson

Densification of Biomass – Alan Doering and Dr. Vance Morey

DDG for Power – Dr. Vance Morey

Working Together to Solve Biomass Issues

Action Now


Written by Casey McConnell

April 9, 2008 at 4:41 am

Posted in Bioenergy

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