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BioEnergy Cooperative

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Prairie Fire BioEnergy Cooperative!
Prairie Fire BioEnergy is turning the abundant resources of Western Kansas into a replacement for natural gas energy. With the help of its member producers, Prairie Fire BioEnergy is turning plant-based resources into clean burning, renewable biofuels for industrial users.

Current processes we are implementing..

Biosolid Fuel
Pellet/Bricking of Biomass

Who is Prairie Fire BioEnergy Cooperative?
A farmer-producer-supplier cooperative, under construction in Healy, Kansas, which is organized to produce alternative fuels from renewable biomass inputs.

What is your fuel manufactured from?
Ingredients in our fuel are renewable biomass inputs such as baled hay, out of condition hay, seed hulls, crop stubble, and other products.

We are a Leader in Biomass energy production and delivery.
Prairie Fire has identified and solved problems in collecting and delivering biomass in large quantities. Prior to this biomass energy was difficult to implement due to not being able to


Written by Casey McConnell

April 6, 2008 at 6:33 am

Posted in Bioenergy

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