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Cellulosic ethanol has a positive net yield

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A study from plant scientist Ken Vogel found cellulosic ethanol actually has positive net
energy yield. In a study for the federal government’s Agricultural Research Service in Nebraska, Vogel calculated all the energy that went in to producing cellulosic ethanol.
According to Vogel, the study included “the energy used to make the tractors, the energy used to make the seed to plant the field, the energy used to produce the herbicide, the energy used to produce the fertilizer, and the energy used in the harvesting process.”
His results?
For every unit of energy used to grow the feedstock, Vogel says he could get almost 5.5 units worth of ethanol. That’s even more efficient than making ethanol from corn.
And cellulosic ethanol emits far less carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, than corn-based ethanol. Cellulosic emits 80% less carbon dioxide than regular gasoline, while corn-based ethanol emits only 20 % less.

Click here to see the power point presentation 


Written by Casey McConnell

March 7, 2008 at 4:42 pm

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